Expedited Freight Service on Your Schedule

Indy Expediting Nationwide is your one-stop source for all of your expedited shipping needs. We ship on your schedule, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you need an update, our dispatch center is in constant contact with your shipment and stands ready to assist you. Just call us at (800) 789-6516

Why Indy Expediting Nationwide?


In the mid 90s, "Just-In-Time" inventory methods were adopted throughout the manufacturing industry. Due to the nature of these methods, emergency freight delivery was necessary to ensure that manufacturing processes would not stop due to a lack of parts.

Manufacturers were usually left with two options for fulfilling this need. The first option was to use a full service national expediter. While the service and vehicle availability from these companies was very good, the cost was very high. The second option was to use multiple local carriers. With these carriers, the service varied widely and vehicle availability was erratic, but the rate per mile was much less. This need for a full service, local "Just-In-Time" delivery service was the basis for the creation of Indy Expediting Nationwide.

Enter Indy Expediting Nationwide

Indy Expediting Nationwide raised the level of service offered by local carriers when it entered the expediting market in 1997. By offering twenty-four hour dispatch and a wide variety of vehicles and equipment, Indy Expediting Nationwide propelled itself to the top rung of local delivery companies. There are many expediters in the marketplace. Driver shortages cause unnecessary turnover and service failures. Understanding the motivation of a driver is what makes Indy Expediting Nationwide stand out among the competition. At Indy Expediting Nationwide, the President and all of the officers began their transportation careers as drivers. We all realize and understand that an expedite company is only as good as its driver pool.